Services – MARH

– Residential buildings
– Public buildings and facilities
– Master plans
– Multifunctional complexes
– Integrated Development Projects
– Religious buildings
– Interiers

Pre-project offer
Full analysis of area and ambit for using when decorating ГПЗУ.
Conception, sketch
By workshop carry out full analysis of projecting area with adjoined areas, functionality and aesthetic targets, wishes of customer for revealing maximal correctly volume-spatial composition.
Based on sketch project, developing full volume projective documentation needed for receive to customer positive conclusion government expertise and access for building.
Working documentation
By workshop carry out preparing documents, providing realize accepted in project documentation technical solutions, needed for doing building works. In composition of work documentation included main sets of working drawings, specification of equipments, items and materials, estimates, and other additional documents.
Author’s supervision
Workshop’s author’s supervision held for the whole time of building and commissioning object, in targets security maximal conformity technical solutions, technical-economical indexes, accepted in work documentation.

Architectural workshop МАРХ is the member of self-regulated organisation НП «Гильдия архитекторов и проектировщиков (СРО)» Moscow city. Access certificate for defined kind of work or works, that have influence on safety of objects capital building №:П-2.0065/06 от 10.10.2013.